Sunday, March 27, 2011

Purim pics

Here are my mishloach manos pics. I wish I had more. The cookie puppets varied widely in cuteness; this photo does not show the cutest ones, but I guess it's a fair average. I've been mentally working on this puppet show idea for at least a year, possibly two. 

The limerick verses read:

    Good guys, evil men, clueless kings:
    This play has each one of those things.
        As the story unfolds,
        Here's a secret it holds: 
    Someone hidden is pulling the strings.

    As we celebrate Purim each year, 
    This great lesson becomes crystal clear.
        The quick tempo quickens -- 
        The puppet-plot thickens -- 
    He's hiding; remember He's near!
Also included for your viewing pleasure: a certain chubby little guy of whom I am a huge fan!

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