Monday, January 2, 2012

mazel tov siyum poster - Vayeira/ Akeidas Yitzchak

A siyum sign made on a school night!
I love this watercolor trick. Cut a simple shape out of painted card instead of construction paper, and your project looks like a million dollars. For the record, I drew the shapes, but E did the painting and the cutting out.

The blue sky paint is actually homemade paint: equal parts dish soap and water, plus several drops of food coloring. Mix it well, then consider it slightly less washable than Crayola. This batch is over a year old; it had dried to a hard jelly, but was easily resuscitated with a bit of water and stirring. Painting with cotton balls saves tons of time.

The 3D stickers came in handy again as well. And let it be known to all that regular writing, when done with a flat-edged marker held at a steady angle, works well as calligraphy.

Said Abraham, "Lord, here I am."
God said, "Burn me a corban: no lamb,
But sweet Isaac, your son."
With the deed all but done,
An angel said, "Look! Here's a ram!"
-- by Janet McConnaughey,

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