Sunday, March 25, 2012

Picture Pie - fancy mama bird and babies

This is Picture Pie done with 6" paper plates. I used an ordinary hole puncher to punch a pattern around a couple of plates, first a circle of evenly spaced holes and then another circle of nibbles along the edge. Very easy, and I really like the way it makes the paper plates match better with the delicate watercolor sky.


  1. How we did the sky is at

    "Picture Pie" means that you cut circles into halves, quarters, and eigths and make pictures out of the pieces. Ed Emberley invented this and wrote a wonderful book full of ideas. Every crafty mom and every teacher should have a copy, so if you are looking for ideas for a teacher gift, this is a great one.

  2. Very nice! We'll have to try the hole punch. These look like peacocks, one of my favorite birds.