Monday, September 10, 2012

authors & books

Here's a list I sent to a friend, "young adult" books and authors that I've particularly liked, off the top of my head.
    Karen Hesse, Brooklyn Bridge or anything  else -- she's something special.
    Sharon Creech --  many good books, all worth reading. (Except Bloomability, unless I just didn't get it.) She has a really nice upbeat writing  style, really enjoyable, besides for the great  content.
    Laura Amy Schlitz, A Drowned Maiden's  Hair -- offbeat but fabulous! It was her first book; see if she's written  anything else since.
    Jan Siebold, My Nights at  the Improv or anything else. As I recall, all I found were two thin books  that left me wishing for more.
    Katherine Paterson  -- some of her (many) books are better than others but all are well written and worth a try. Tell me some titles, I'll tell you which I  liked.
    Jean Craighead George, My Side of the  Mountain. I think the boys will enjoy this one as well. Some sequels and  other books, but I don't remember if they were as  good.
    Gary Paulsen -- outdoorsy boy books. Some of them were very good as I recall, others simply  adventury but nothing special to me. Tell me what you see and I'll tell you if  I remember it.   
    (I think there  was another author named Paulsen, or something similar, that I really liked as  well.)
    Gary Schmidt -- The Wednesday Wars  was excellent. I seem to remember there were some other good books as well,  although I found First Boy disappointing .
    Linda Sue  Park -- good author with stories based on her Korean heritage. A Single Shard is by far her  best, but her other stuff is good too.
    Richard Peck  -- I happen to own The Teacher's Funeral and it's great. Author of A  Long Way From Chicago... great laughs, good stories. He does have some  silly books in the mix, though... tell me what you  see.
    John D. Fitzgerald, the Great Brain books -- I  liked them very much but don't remember if you did. His genius brother, Tom,  was expert at (among other things) taking advantage of people... very  entertaining, unless you find yourself hating his  guts!
    Andrew Clement -- author of Frindle --  he's written a bunch of books since then, all light and easy reading, and  surprisingly original content. Good stuff.
    Mary  Norton, author of The Borrowers. Did you know there were several more  Borrowers books? Check them out when you're in the  mood.
    Mark Twain -- I don't believe you've read  Pudd'nhead Wilson -- fiction, very different, very good -- or  Innocents Abroad -- nonfiction, fascinating, a memoir of his travels,  including a visit to the Holy Land in the nineteenth century. Check it  out.
    Jean Fritz -- lots of well written history,  great nonfiction books that are truly fun to read. Her autobiography is  excellent as well -- an American kid growing up in China before  communism.

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  1. Hey, we have a few in common. I also liked Gary Paulson, the Great Brain books, and Sharon Creech.

    My list:

    The Clique Series --Lisi Harrison
    The Shadow Club and the sequel The Shadow Club Rising -- Neal Shusterman
    Schooled -- by Gordon Korman
    Antsy Does Time/The Schwa was Here -- Neal Shusterman
    Dear Julia -- by Amy Bronwen Zemser
    Hot Lunch -- Alex Bradley
    Code Orange -- Caroline Cooney
    Diamonds in the Shadow -- Caroline Cooney
    The Roar -- Emma Clayton
    Hoot/Flush/Scat (separate books) -- Carl Hiassen
    Alex Rider Series -- Anthony Horowitz
    Eddie and the Gang With No Name (Running with the Reservoir Pups) -- Colin Bateman
    Percy Jackson & The Olympians (series) -- Rick Riordan
    Princess Ben -- Catherine Murdock
    Brand New Emily -- Ginger Rue
    Cheater -- Michael Laser
    The Candy Shop War -- Brandon Mull
    Dull Boy -- Sarah Cross
    Molly Moon (series) -- Georgia Byng
    Stuck on Earth -- David Klass
    Fablehaven (series) -- Brandon Mull
    Mac Slater Hunts the Cool -- Tristan Bancks
    Incarceron/Sapphique -- Catherine Fisher
    H.I.V.E. (series) -- Mark Walden
    Mindblind -- Jennifer Roy
    Tunnels (and "Deeper", the sequel) -- Roderick Gordon, Brian Williams
    Horowitz and Mrs. Washington/Washington and Horowitz Too - Henry Denker
    Streams of Babel -- Carol Plum-Ucci
    Kat Got Your Tongue -- Lee Weatherly
    The Grimm Legacy -- Polly Shulman
    Lynn Visible -- Julia DeVillers
    Allegra Biscotti --
    The Hunger Games -- Suzanne Collins
    Epic / Saga -- Connor Kostick
    Bruiser -- Neal Shusterman
    The Declaration/The Resistance/The Legacy -- Gemma Malley
    The Monstrumologist Series -- Rick Yancey