Tuesday, November 29, 2011

giant-quilled shivas haminim

Check out my succah project! (Took me a while to get the blog post ready but here it is!)
I think of this as large-scale quilling because as with quilling, you use strips of paper to create beautiful airy light-and-shadow pictures. The difference is that these strips are half an inch wide rather than 1/8" (or thereabouts). Everything is just bigger and looser -- thus easier to handle, particularly with junior assistants -- and you get bigger results. 
Thanks to Sara at www.creativejewishmom.com for the inspiration/technique. I love this so much.
I made these shivas haminim* from ordinary card stock, and used scotch tape rather than glue to stick everything together. That was a good move as the tape (at least when I used plenty) stuck to itself whereas glue (at least regular white glue) would have dissolved completely in the rain. As it is, after a couple of good hard storms all of the fruits looked a little stretched out of shape. If anybody knows of some way to waterproof cardstock, please tell me!
*Shivas haminim = the seven species -- that's the seven kinds of fruit (well, wheat and barley plus five fruits!) that the Torah lists as specialties of the Land of Israel. They're a common succah motif.


  1. This is so cool - I'm always looking for neat ways to decorate our sukkah.

    As for waterproofing cardstock... what happens if you use a spray urethane on it? Or you could do what I do and get those floppy plastic mats from the dollar store - the ones they sell to protect your table when crafting (not cutting mats) - and use them the same way you'd use a sheet of cardstock. I've never tried quilling with those but it might work...

  2. Thank you sweetcrunchy! I'll have to look out for those plastic mats.

  3. a Google search on
    how to waterproof paper
    turned up

    for papier mache,

  4. Thanks for the footwork Janet! Dipping sounds less scary than spraying. I'm definitely going to make this again for next Succos; I'll be sure to post a waterproofed update.