Tuesday, November 29, 2011

giant quilling for kids

1. Cut color paper into 1/2 inch strips. (You may use outdated school notices for this, or even plain white paper for that matter. Color is fun but not required. Or you could get really gorgeous and use watercolors and even glitter on white card stock... OK I'll stop right there!)
2a. EITHER squeeze some white glue onto a plastic plate and teach your kids how to use glue. ("You just TOUCH your fingertip to the puddle of glue." Admire the smallness of everyone's fingertip glue dots.)
2b. OR hand out glue sticks for everyone. If you have enough. Even neater!
3. Apply glue to one end of a strip.
4. Close the strip into a circle. (A circle, not a leaf shape. That means you have to tuck the end under, not just fold the strip in half.) Repeat steps 3-4 on several more strips.
5. When you have seven circles and the glue on most of them is dry, start gluing the circles together into a flower. Wow! How beautiful!
6. Kids who still have some zitzfleish left may make green leaves (yes, a leaf shape this time, not a circle) and glue them on, tucked in between petals of the flower.
7. When everything is totally dry, attach a 6" piece of thread (or clear fishing line if you are really fancy) and find somewhere to hang the masterpiece.
My three year old made this pink flower for our succah, with intensive guidance. You cannot imagine how proud she was and still is:
Here's another view... The yellow flower was made by my four-year-old, with a little less guidance.
And this butterfly was designed and made by my eight-year-old daughter, with no help.

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