Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chanukah sign 3D

Today's watercolor/ paper sculpture Chanukah sign! (It sure is nice to be crafting again.)
I gave each kid a sheet of card stock (off white; must buy a pack of bright white!) and a pencil. I also passed around a selection of circular containers and bottle caps, explaining that you choose one of those circles and then aim to make your picture that size (instead of spending forever on a masterpiece menorah and then realizing it came out tiny).
(Almost) Everyone did the drawing on one side of the page and the painting on the other side, then cut out their creations once everything had mostly dried.
Re the paint, I once bought a 4-pack of mini watercolor sets in the 99c store. (Each set is 2" by 2" and has 5 colors.) It's very convenient to have multiple paint sets; the less passing of supplies, the less chance of major spills. I also put water (small amounts) into three heavy glass mugs, rather than spilly plastic bowls. The painting was done with cotton cosmetic pads simply because I didn't feel like digging out the paintbrushes, but let me tell you the pads sure saved time! Also there was no changing colors so the water didn't get dirty. All in all it was the neatest painting project I've ever seen. (Plus, card stock scraps don't fly all over the place the way plain paper would.)
E (8) made the jolly dancing latkes and R (6) made their pot!
F (8) made the coppery-orange menorah!
R made that adorable orange man with his huge jug of oil!
B (4) made the frying pan at the bottom, and the pink latkes in it!
Mommy made the giant candles and drew the oil jugs!
F, E and I stuck everything together (with thick 3D foam stickers)!
Everyone had a great day! Hope you do too!

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