Thursday, April 19, 2012

9th birthday Picture Pie birdies

I've been looking for these round paper doilies for a while but for some reason all the stores I visited seemed to be out of them. Suddenly this week there they were -- at half price! Two cents per doily. (The store is ABC Discount, if I have any local readers.) Just in time for the twinkies' ninth birthday. Personally I prefer the cleaner, simpler hole-punched look, but this super-ornate pastelly style is exactly my kids' taste.
It was a family project and worked very well. We already had the blue sky. We'd put doilies all over the birthday table for decoration, so I just gathered all the doilies, cut them into fractions, and stuck a bit of fun-tack (the blue stuff) onto each piece of doily. I also drew suggested Picture Pie arrangements on small paper plates, and invited the kids to choose. First in pjs was first in line for Picture Pie!

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